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Services for Adults

Outdoor Mobility Assessment Services for Disabled Adults (of all ages) and the Elderly.

  • Driving Assessments

    Our teams of Occupational Therapists and Driving Advisors undertake comprehensive assessments of ability or potential to drive a vehicle safely and in comfort. They offer advice and information and make recommendations of any aids and adaptations that may assist safe driving.

    The first part of the assessment process may include testing physical and cognitive abilities, visual screening and tests carried out on our Static Assessment Rig (simulator) which will provide information on reaction speeds, vision, steering ability and braking strength. The rig can also be fitted with different adaptations if necessary.

    On successful completion of the pre-drive assessments, clients will then undertake an in-car assessment with one of our Driving Advisors in a dual-controlled vehicle. This may be on a private roadway or on the public highway, depending on what is deemed most appropriate.

    After the drive, the assessment team will discuss the results of all parts of the assessment with the client and make recommendations. This will then be followed up with a comprehensive written report which will be sent to the client or to the appropriate referring agency.

    Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about our Driving Assessments

  • Vehicle Access Assessments

    These are undertaken by an Occupational Therapist and involves assessment of a person's ability to access a vehicle either as a driver or passenger. The assessment will be tailored to individual needs but may cover the following areas:

    • Physical ability, medical condition and prognosis
    • Functional impairment
    • Seating and posture
    • Present vehicle
    • Carers health and ability
    • Lifestyle requirements
    • Home situation
    • Financial options

    We have a number of aids and adaptations available for trial at our Centres including Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, swivel seats, a wheelchair swivel seat system, wheelchair/scooter boot hoists, transfer boards and other basic equipment. We also have information and knowledge regarding a wide range of other equipment and vehicles, which the Occupational Therapist would be able to advise on.

  • Wheelchair & Scooter Assessments & Training

    Our Occupational Therapists are able to assess and provide impartial advice about whether a wheelchair or scooter is a suitable option for you, which type and what to look for when purchasing.

    The assessment will be tailored to your individual needs but may cover the following areas:

    • Physical & Cognitive abilities
    • Vision
    • Medical conditions and prognosis
    • Sitting posture
    • Lifestyle requirements & Home situation
    • Funding options
    • Carers’ abilities (if applicable)

    The assessment will also include some indoor and outdoor training (on our purpose built training track) in the safe use of a wheelchair/scooter and address other considerations such as storage, loading into a vehicle etc.

    We can also provide training-only if required to build confidence and skills in using a powered wheelchair or scooter.

  • Specialist Vehicle Assessments

    We have a range of vehicles fitted with popular adaptations (such as push/pull hand controls, left-foot accelerator, centre-ring accelerators, radial hand controls etc) which we are able to use for regular driving assessments.

    However, if you require a more specialist vehicle for your assessment we have a "Drive from Wheelchair" vehicle and also have access to vehicles with more "hi-tech" controls by special arrangement. The assessment involves all the parts of a standard driving assessment but with more time allowed for the in-car and adaptation session.

    If you are unsure whether or not you will need to book a longer, specialist vehicle assessment, please call us to discuss your needs with one of our Occupational Therapists.

  • Motorcycle Assessments

    Motorbike assessments are available for clients who wish to return (or learn) to ride a motorbike and have a disability or health condition which may affect their ability to do so.

    The assessment is an extended assessment, the first part being the same as for car driving, (see Driving Assessments, in the tab above) the second part is specifically related to motorbikes.

    For further details please contact the centre.

  • Specialist Driving Tuition

    Our experienced Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) are able to offer structured, specialist tuition for clients who require familiarisation with a different method of vehicle control (such as adaptations) or for those with special learning needs.

    We are also able to suggest other local ADIs who offer tuition for disabled drivers.

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