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Accessibility Statement

This statement gives information about accessibility features, and levels of conformance to industry standards. Accessible Design. This site has been developed to ensure content is available to the widest possible audience, including readers using assistive technology or accessibility features. Features employed in this site to make information more accessible:

This site uses CSS for visual layout. For optimal viewing, it is recommended that you use a browser with CSS2 support. If your browser or browsing device does not support stylesheets, the content of each page will still be readable.

All text uses relative font sizes so text can be enlarged or reduced using the text size options available on each page. All decorative images contain an "Alt" tag.

All pages use flexible page formats so pages can be automatically resized for different window sizes and screen resolutions

Standards Compliance

Standards compliance is an integral part of creating functional and accessible websites. As a result, the pages on this site adhere to the following standards:

This site follows World Wide Web Consortium guidelines on best practice for accessibility.

This website is CSS validated.

This website is XHTML validated.

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